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You depend on your independent agents for sales. They depend on you for marketing content. Here’s the one system that helps everyone work together for the ultimate win/win.

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Digital Marketing tools all in one place

To connect with prospects, clients, and followers, Independent Reps need a wide variety of self-marketing tools that require zero marketing skills to use. When that happens, Reps surprise themselves with all they can do to grow their businesses.

Replicated Websites Icon

Replicated Websites

Enterprises can setup customized websites for their Reps, who can shine online by personalizing and launching their personal site in seconds.

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Email Marketing

Send beautiful, branded, responsive messages that stand out to a single prospect, a group of hundreds, or a list of thousands in a matter of seconds.

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Automated Campaigns

Week-long follow up email campaign? Month-long promotion? Year-long series of articles? Create it, set it, and let it run. No problem.

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Social Media Marketing

Enterprises can populate social content like articles, statistics, and campaign messages for their Reps to post directly to their accounts.

Response Tracking Icon

Response Tracking

Track open rates, click rates, and full recipient activity to measure which messages, posts, content, and campaigns perform best.

Contact Management Icon

Contact Management

Sync, import, or add your contacts including all their contact info. Add notes, details, and important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries.

Manage Content Easily

Most agents have to access one system to download business files and another to use marketing tools. When all Enterprise content and marketing tools are in the same place, Reps will be more efficient, more active, and more successful.

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Full Media Support

All your marketing material, business files, and campaign assets in one place. Always up-to-date. Always available to all your Reps, all the time.

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Marketing Kits

Organize content into collections that group together all the media for a particular campaign, promotion, brand, product, or service.

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Categorize Effectively

Make content easy to browse with an ingenious tagging system that gives you intuitive, multi-level categorization that never gets messy.

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Shareable Assets

It's more than content aggregation. It's also content activation that enables Reps to search, save, share, and send in an instant.

Enterprise control, even at a large scale

Stand up your marketing system smoothly, successfully, and securely. Meet executive requirements with confidence. Plug it into your backoffice with flexibility, not complexity. Empower managers with the settings and tools they need to keep the system humming.

Multi-Level Admin

Compliance Management

Backoffice Integration

Performance Analytics

Multi-Level Admin

Complete channel control

Your marketing staff is really busy so we made it really fast and easy to publish assets directly to Independent Reps who have subscribed to your channel. Asset usage statistics give you the knowledge of what’s working, what’s not, and how you can improve your content strategy.

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Full Content Management

Equip reps with emails, social media posts, videos, landing pages, presentations, and PDFs that can be categorized, searched, sent, posted, shared, downloaded, and tracked.

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Engage & Promote

‌Communicate directly with reps who subscribe to your channel by emailing them to announce new marketing materials, campaigns, and training opportunities.

Line of Sight Icon

Line of Sight

‌Leverage subscriber usage data to see how campaigns and individual assets are performing so you can make improvements and connect activity to ROI.

Flexible Subscribing

‌Channels can be made available to reps via automatic subscription, private subscription links, and on the private label channel marketplace.

Pricing Options

Choose whether your channel should be free to subscribers as a value add or available at a monthly cost that you set to help you monetize your channel.

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