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OK, so you’re not tech savvy or marketing savvy, but you want to do email marketing, generate leads, follow up fast, run campaigns and organize all your content. You’re in luck!




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Personal Account FAQ's

Can anyone sign up for an Outstand account, or do I need to sign up through an enterprise account?

Anyone can create and use an account, whether you're totally independent or represent an enterprise that's not with us yet.

If my company decides to create an enterprise account, can I move my account into their private label of Outstand?

Yes. Just call our support team at 800-865-7496 and they'll take care of you.

If I cancel before the free 30 days expires, will I be charged anything?

Nope. That's what the trial is for!

Can I cancel anytime?

There are no contracts. We only charge one month at a time.

Does Outstand own my data or use it for marketing purposes outside my control?

No. Outstand believes in the highest user data security and privacy.